As more and more countries start prohibiting smoking in public places, smokers everywhere are crying out for places to smoke. Unfortunately, this is a trend that is being set all over the world. No smoking signs are being put up anywhere and everywhere to deter people from smoking.

But, there are also some ridiculous laws when it comes to no smoking signs. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Here, children aren’t allowed to buy cigarettes or cigars. This isn’t strange, but the reason it is weird is because even though children can’t buy tobacco here, they can consume it legally. As long as adults are making the purchase, children can smoke it.

New Orleans, Louisiana

This city is known for its extravagant and wild parties. But, the laws do not allow for anybody who is a part of a parade or carnival to use tobacco products. It is also compulsory for no smoking signs to be attached to parade floats.


In France, ashtrays are banned. That’s right, they are considered to be deadly weapons. We wonder how much damage a person could do with an ashtray.

New Jersey

New Jersey doesn’t let anyone give their local zoo animals whisky or cigars. Now, why would you want to stop the animals from having some fun like that?

South Bend, Indiana

Here, it’s illegal to make monkeys smoke cigarettes. This law was formed in 1924 when a monkey was caught smoking and had to pay a 25 dollar fine.

Marceline, Missouri

Here, even minors can buy tobacco and rolling paper. But what they can’t buy are lighters. Not that this stops people from smoking in any way.

It’s pretty obvious that smoking laws around the world are quite weird. But then again, the world we live in is a strange place, isn’t it?