Some facts about menthol cigarettes

Smokers believe that menthol cigarettes Canada aren’t as harmful as regular cigarettes, and that’s why they go with these mild cigarettes. Women tend to smoke these cigarettes more than men mainly because they are targeted at them. But this doesn’t mean they are safer than regular cigarettes, not one bit.


You may argue that menthol cigarettes Canada feel lighter and smoother on your chest and throat, so they may be healthier than regular cigarettes. But, this is wrong. Very few people know this, but the truth is that menthol cigarettes have the same amount of tar as regular cigarettes.

Carbon and nicotine

Menthol cigarettes have the same amounts of carbon monoxide, nicotine, and tar as compared to regular cigarettes. There are a lot of people who switch to menthols and then inhale harder to get more nicotine. They may also start smoking more cigarettes as a result of this.


The fact is that menthols don’t reduce the health risks when it comes to smoking. The only way in which you can reduce the harm being caused to your body and to those around you is by quitting.

There are some reports which say the amount of menthol in the cigarettes is regulated to attract younger smokers and to retain the older ones. This is supposed to make it easier to smoke cigarettes and also increases the addiction effect of nicotine. People who smoke menthol cigarettes have more trouble quitting as a result of this.

So you see, menthol cigarettes aren’t any better than regular cigarettes, and studies show that more than 50% of menthol smokers aren’t likely to quit anytime soon. Smokers are fooled by the myth of menthol cigarettes, and this helps them get a false sense of security. You need to be smart and not fall for something like this.

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